IT companies with a professional audience (B2B)

See how Ducky Insights API can be used by IT companies that offer applications and services to a professional audience (B2B)

You represent an IT company delivering applications and services to a professional audience. This could mean inventory-, accounting- and resource management systems. You wish to help your customers document their greenhouse gas emissions, in order to fulfill supplier requirements and be compliant with upcoming EU regulation. 

In this table you can see which structured data is typically needed to use our relevant API endpoints. Click on your sector to see more details and functionality:



Type of application

Relevant data


Systems for accounting, billing, resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI) and budgeting

Journal entries in a given currency, company info

Food and drink

Systems for purchasing, inventory management and point of sales (PoS) in grocery and food service sector 

Amount of food and drink (weight, calories and number of units), detailed categories

Goods and services

Systems for purchasing, inventory management and point of sales in retail

Amount of goods and services (price, weight, number of units), detailed categories

Large investments

Systems for lending, accounting and down-writing investments

Price and details about large investments like house or car loans 


Systems for administering and monitoring energy and buildings

Amount of energy or fuel per energy source


Systems for projects, log book and employee travel

Amount of energy, fuel, distance or time, per mode of transport

Why the urgency to get started now?

The EU's taxonomy for sustainable finance and CSRD requirements take effect from 2024, and the largest companies operating in the EU will be required to gather environmental documentation from their systems and value chain. In order to become a preferred IT supplier in the European market, it is critical to be able to deliver climate data through your systems. Climate impact will be as readily available as financial information - where and when decisions are made!

Through our simple API implementations any IT company can calculate and communicate the climate impact (Scope 1-3) and potential climate benefit from the products and services that are managed in their systems. Ducky delivers continuously updated data, high accuracy, quick implementation, guaranteed maintenance and a lower cost than comparable solutions. 

This job can of course be done manually, with the support of consultants using scientific data sets, or using some reporting platforms. Ducky instead offers dynamic information to your existing systems - and we can guarantee that our numbers cover the demands of full Scope 3 reporting. We control for variability of emission factors over time and location, and for value chain steps (production, transport, storage, packaging, waste, sales and consumption).

Ducky doesn't require sensitive information about your company or customers, and we don't store any data permanently in our systems. As a Ducky API customer you retain full control of your own data.

Once you've established high quality climate data, we can help you create additional value from you investments in data infrastructure. Ducky offers solutions for consumers, communicating greenhouse gas emissions in a simple and understandable way and nudging sustainable behavior.

Read more about using our API endpoints for emission reporting and systems for greenhouse gas reporting.

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