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Transport bundle

API functionality for companies that sell transport products and services or deliver IT systems to the transport sector

Who is it for?

You sell transport products or services to consumers, or deliver IT-systems to the transport sector. Use cases range from public transport providers to shipping apps, market places for tickets or car leasing services.

You handle some relevant data in your systems, be it an amount of energy, fuel, time or distance for a mode of transport or travel habits.

You can sell more of your climate friendly products and services while helping customers reduce their climate footprints, fulfilling GHG reporting requirements as you go.

Intro to functionality

Conversion of transport data to footprint

Document the climate footprint of a specific amount of goods and services (stored or sold), based on data in the company's systems. Read more on the support pages.

Calculation of footprints for transport

Calculate the travel cost and footprint for a user on an overall level, and put the user's travel habits in context. Read more on the support pages.

Comparison of footprint

Compare a user's expenses and footprints from travelling with a relevant average person. Read more on the support pages.

Personalised saving tips

Provide a user with personalised tips for a more environmentally friendly travel, along with possible savings, calculated from simple questions. Read more on the support pages.

Translate footprints to everyday examples 

Help explain and contextualize climate footprint through everyday examples. Read more on our support pages.