Suppliers of sustainable products and services (B2C)

See how Ducky Insights API can be used in companies and organizations that supply sustainable products and services to a consumer audience

You wish to help your customers and users reduce their climate footprints through your sustainable products and services. This might boost your revenue, position your brand, help build strong customer relationships and show a real climate impact - so called avoided emissions or "Scope 4" greenhouse gas reporting.

See which user data is typically needed to make accurate calculations in your sector. Click on the headers to read more about relevant functionality:


Type of application

Relevant user data

Calculate your footprint

Media, public and NGO apps

General information about place of residence and personal habits


Bank, financing, saving and budgeting apps

Transactions of a given currency, household information

Food and drink

Food serving, grocery and food delivery apps

Amount of food or drink, related habits

Goods and services

Retail, online shopping, subscription and service apps

Amount of goods and services, usage and maintenance habits

Large investments

Financing, sales and insurance apps for residential and vehicles

Price and details about a residence or vehicle, household information


Energy utility, -production and smart house apps

Amount of energy or fuel per energy source


Vehicle, public transport, ticket and shipping apps

Amount of energy, fuel, time or distance for a mode of transport

Why is it important to get started now?

For most consumer oriented companies, customer behavior ranks as the most powerful leverage point for climate change - for good or for bad - but this effect is invisible in traditional (Scope 1-3) greenhouse gas reports.

The most powerful sustainability strategy starts by looking at the individual: How can the company help users and customers live more sustainable lives? This can be documented through avoided emissions per sold product or service - so called "Scope 4" greenhouse gas reports.

Ducky has put together the most effective package for documenting and reducing customer footprints. You get access to the most actionable climate data in the world, built on ten years of experience in climate communications and large-scale behavioral change.

Attract and retain customers

A great customer experience is a driver for customers to choose one digital service over another. Considering that seventy-two percent (72%) of the population desire to live more sustainably (Ipsos / World Economic Forum Global Survey Sept 2020), companies are expected to seamlessly integrate sustainability in their user experience. At the same time, one can easily be accused of greenwashing. 

Ducky's API service helps you build a transparent and trust-based relationship with your climate aware customer base, and to increase this segment over time.

Increase revenue from sustainable products and services

Information alone is not enough. 71% of users who learn about their footprint also want tips and advice on how to reduce it. This is where your offering of sustainable products and services comes in.

Through Ducky's API services you get the opportunity to filter which users and customers are good candidates for purchasing your sustainable products and services. In addition, we deliver personalized tips to individuals who seek to reduce their own climate footprint. By connecting these tips to your most sustainable products and services you can get a real sales boost.

Strengthen brand and social / community 

In order to further strengthen brand awareness, our APIs can also receive your aggregated and anonymized data transactions. These data can be shared with e.g., municipalities to promote more effective local climate planning and initiatives (see Folkets Fotavtrykk example in Norway). Knowing how residents of a municipality actually behave provides politicians and community leaders with the necessary insight into implement effective climate measures and adaptations. Both physical and structural changes are needed to accelerate a green societal change.

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