How do I get started?

See how to get started with Ducky Insights API and find our technical API documentation

Contact us on to get started! We'll take a quick look at your needs and follow you up with a customized offer. API access is priced based on your organization's size and turnover.

When you're ready to get started, your developers get API access and a dedicated contact person / user support.

Our technical documentation can be found here

We can offer the following functionality for your sector:

As a customer you receive, among other things:

  • Personal follow-up and recommendations for the use of our API endpoints, considering where in your customer journey and digital customer interfaces you can have the best effect
  • Access to guides with examples of concrete designs, user flow and content
  • Quality assurance of implementation before you release the service in your customer interface
  • Guidance in using our numbers for greenhouse gas reporting

Ducky has many years of experience with large-scale nudging of individuals to reduce climate emissions. Our API setup and endpoints are based on best practice in the research fields of climate communication and behavior change psychology, and we collaborate with the leading researchers in the field.