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Large investments bundle

API functionality for companies handling large investments such as housing or vehicles

Who is it for?

You handle large sums of money for users and have a digital customer service/experience. Use cases range from insurance companies to financing or digital marketplaces where people buy and sell valuable or durable goods such as housing and vehicles.

You handle some relevant data in your systems, be it the the price and details of a residence or vehicle along with household information on the potential buyer.

You can sell more of your climate friendly products and services while helping customers reduce their climate footprints, fulfilling GHG reporting requirements as you go.

Intro to functionality

Conversion of information on large investments to footprint

Calculate the footprint from a category of large investments such as the purchase of housing or cars, based on data in the company's systems.

Calculation of footprints for large investments

Calculate a comprehensive and accurate footprint for a person from personal information. This can show actual change in footprints over time and savings from a sustainable choice of, for example, housing or car.

Comparison for large investments

Create comparisons between a user's expenses and footprints from large investments and a relevant average person. This can be used to set goals or effectively nudge users' behavior in context, for example in a bank app.

Savings measures for large investments

Provide a user with an effective nudge towards a sustainable lifestyle by showing possible savings, calculated from actual money use and personal information. This could be useful, for example, when someone is in the process of applying for a car or home loan.

Translate footprints to everyday examples 

Help explain and contextualize climate footprint through everyday examples. Read more on our support pages.



Development status

Ducky is developing a model for the footprint of investments (amortizing/writing off houses, cars, etc. over the lifetime). Our API endpoints can enable new customer offerings like green bank and insurance products.

We will support your company in implementing customer-facing solutions that help customers understand their total footprint, with emphasis on calculating and tracking how the footprint changes with different residential, car, and mobility choices. These choices will have a major effect on footprints.