How do I engage our team leaders?

In this article, you will find tips on how you can engage your team leaders.

To get your organization onboard we recommend that each team has a team leader. The main focus for the team leader is to communicate the focus of the challenge to their team and create engagement before and after the challenge. A team leader can be someone who already has a natural leadership role, someone who is passionate, works with sustainability or wants to take leadership. The most important thing is to find someone who really wants this role. 

To motivate each participant to register climate actions every day during the Ducky Challenge, it is important that each team have an engaged team leader. As a project leader, we recommend that you invest some time in involving and motivating the team leaders.

They will probably need some tips on how to lead their team. How comprehensive you should be would be determined by your number of participants.  Regardless of organization size, we recommend that you host a little workshop for the team leaders.   

Suggestion to agenda: 

  • Management of expectations 
  • Intro by the project leader or the manager about why you are participating in this project. 
  • Info about what it means to be a team leader
  • A small environmental quiz will set the tone before the group tasks. At the same time you demonstrate the essence of a Ducky Challenge: To do make the climate challenges something to talk and compete about.

Group assignment:  

What can you as team leaders do to motivate the employees to participate throughout the two weeks that the Ducky Challenge lasts? 

Workshop for internal anchoring:

If you are a larger organization we’ve made a suggestion to a workshop with a duration of approximately 2 hours. Please read more about it here.



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