How do I arrange a workshop for internal anchoring?

This article describes a 2-hour workshop for team leaders to prepare for a Ducky Challenge that ensures great internal anchoring and builds a solid fundament to create engagement.

*Picture is taken at Norconsult in Trondheim where we did a similar workshop.  

Agenda and your role as the host

  1. Managing expectations (approx. 10 min)
  2. Introduction from the project group and/or CEO (20-30 min)
  3. A quick climate quiz (approx. 10 min)
  4. Group tasks (approx. 45 min)
  5. Summary (approx. 15 min)
As host, your main tasks is to stay on time and make sure there is a good atmosphere in the room where it's safe to share ideas. There are no bad ideas in a workshop! :)  

1. Managing expectations

Everyone in the room presents themselves and share (in one or two sentences) their expectations of the workshop and the Ducky Challenge.  

2. Introduction from the project group and/or CEO

It's a good idea for the project group to clarify with management why this project and why sustainability is important before the workshop. If this isn't already clear, the workshop can be used to clarify this. Use our template for your kick-off presentation and tailor it to your company. Start by sharing your personal motivation. Why are climate change and the environment important to you?

Try to include your audience in the discussion. To illustrate: Ask the audience if they agree with the content in the short movies or the content of the presentation. A kick-off presentation can be found in the resource page sent by Ducky via a welcome email. Please contact us if you would like to have it sent again at  

3. Group task

Split into groups of 3-6. Hand out post-its, pens and a piece of A2-paper to every group. Share that the groups will do 3 tasks to anchor the company's strategy and core activity to the Ducky Challenge. With every task they will:
  • Think and write down their answers on post-its in silence. Use capital letters. (2-5 minutes each)
  • Discuss in groups and agree on ideally 3 post-its they want to keep and gather in one corner of their A2 paper (5-15 min).
The three tasks are as follows:
  • What is [your company's] biggest challenges when it comes to sustainability? (1-3 challenges)
  • How can you as an employee contribute to strengthening [your company's] reputation while contributing to reducing national emissions?
  • What can you as an ambassador do to create engagement and visualize the challenge?


Let every group present their conclusion. End the workshop with quick summary up. Ambassador clips are a great little hack and can be made during the workshop. These video clips don't have to be long or fancy. They just need to be honest and personal and can be shared on your social media.


Any questions?

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