What kind of rewards should we have?

In this article you will find recommendations to help you reflect and find a reward.

As a project leader, you can choose  rewards that will encourage participant performance.
To have the desired effect, we recommend choosing rewards aligned with the goal of the challenge. Changing habits is not easy, so if the reward of the competition cancels out what's been achieved, it doesn't make much sense.  

For team winners Ducky recommends:

  • To invest in a sustainable solution equal to the total amount saved in the challenge

    A great daily saving in a challenge is around 5 KgCO₂e each day. Meaning that if you are 100 participants competing for 14 days you would save around 7000 Kg CO₂e. The reward can be a reinforced effect of this saving. E.g. You could let the winning team choose a cause for where to donate an equivalent amount or buy something of this value to make your organization more sustainable and social (better video-conference, shared bikes etc.)
  • Arranging a social happening focusing on sustainability, such as a cooking class, a repair night or inviting a company icon to hold a presentation.
  • A meal at a sustainable restaurant.
  • If you really want to make a significant impact you can assume that your participants will continue their new habits for a year and buy climate quotas equivalent to this or more. Chooose is a great option!

  For individual winners Ducky recommends:

  • Services have a much lower climate impact than products. We, therefore, recommend a gift certificate to a sustainable service, such as to a local festival, local store or restaurant with a sustainable vision.


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