IKEA Start Home Communication plan

In this article you will find an example of communication plan with the IKEA Start Home case.

Start Home Campaign

Can we reach the 2020 goal* already today by taking simple measures at home?

3 weeks challenge.

Be the best wearhouse!

When: 3 weeks November 2016

Participation: 398 employees


As part of their Start Home Campaign in 2016, IKEA Norway ran an employee championship, where 9 warehouses competed in saving as much CO2e as possible within a 3 week challenge. The championship was part of building ownership towards the Start Home Campaign and sustainability knowledge before they went out and challenged their customers to do the same in January 2017.

As much as 2/3 of their workforce have part time positions. They are naturally not that active on the official internal communication channels. Their approach to reach out to as many as possible in their challenge was to use as many channels as possible.

The campaign was built in collaboration with Trigger, and IKEA wanted to take a mandate to help their customers find ways to live more sustainable, by building awareness on what you as an individual can do to live more sustainable within your own household.

Channels they used:

  • Screens in the employee canteen (centrally monitored by Head of internal communication)
  • Flyers on the table in the employee canteen
  • Poster on the “happening this month-board” which all employees pass every day on their way to and from their work
  • They announced the challenge on the warehouse radio, which was lead by the warehouse leader.
  • Their internal channel is Workplace (by Facebook)
  • Ambassadors at each warehouse went around and talked to their colleagues about the challenge, and recruited them
  • Screens in the employee areas (canteen and employee entrance)
  • Email
  • SMS

Communication material:

The two weeks before the Ducky Challenge

  • Flyers and posters was distributed 2 weeks before the challenge started
  • A set of 10 activities was visualised and described, rotating on the screens.
  • Team leaders of each compartment (bed, kitchen, return etc) at each warehouse introduced the challenge to their team through their internal emails
  • Post on Workplace (“The Start Home challenge starts in 2 weeks”) explaining the concept.

During the Ducky Challenge
  • “We are rolling - the challenge has started” post on Yammer and email the day the challenge started - link to the challenge on Ducky website
  • SMS to all employees informing them that the challenge has started
  • Posts on Yammer about the 10 activities - reminding employees on the ongoing challenge
  • Announcements of the day on the internal radio by the warehouse leader including: The leading team, how the warehouse was doing, and engaging people to remember to do and log their actions.
  • Weekly summaries of the challenge with translations of the savings were posted on Yammer and on Screens
  • Team leaders reminded their team of the competition in weekly meetings.
  • Warehouse leader used SMS twice during the challenge to remind people to join and log
  • The snapchat channel rotated between the warehouses, lead by the employee with environmental responsibility, posting simple things employees did at work for the environment.
After the Ducky Challenge
  • Summary of the challenge on Screen and on Yammer with statistics and translations of CO2-savings (received from Ducky)
  • A video post when the winners were picked and posted on Yammer.



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