How to communicate a Ducky Challenge to your team

In this article, you will find Ducky Challenge information to be communicated to your team.

The most important thing you can do as a team leader is to recruit team members to join your team! As it is voluntary to participate in the challenge, the most important thing would be to create engagement among your team. That includes being able to explain what the challenge is and what they need to do.

How does a Ducky Challenge work?

It is a 2-4 week team challenge, where participants compete in doing simple sustainable actions saving the most CO2e. Activities range from cycling to work, turning off unnecessary lights - to fill the dishwasher before you run it, depending on the topic of your campaign. All activities have daily fixed saving, which are calculated from an average citizens habits and lifestyle in your country. In the challenge you are challenged to test out activities which you don't normally do.
If you already do many of these, they can be bundled together and registered in one click.

What's the purpose of the challenge?

The purpose of the challenge is to create awareness and engagement for the topic, and enables the organization to communicate around it. The challenge is designed to be as low threshold as possible to get as many as possible to join. That means that everyone is competing on similar terms.

What do participants have to do?

Make an account, register daily activities from a predefined set of climate friendly activities within a topic; eg. transport, food or CO2e, and feel good!


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