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What is Ducky Insights API?

Here's an intro to the purpose, functionality, business and motivation behind Ducky Insights API.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our vision is to give people access to the data they need to make sustainable choices, facilitating rapid mass behavioral change.

We provide world leading and easily integrated data services (APIs) to help companies and organizations engage their users to reduce personal climate footprints. 

What can our APIs do?

An API (click to see our glossary) is just a technology for sharing data between computers. We expose our API endpoints on the internet so that your applications can access our climate data. Different endpoints perform different calculations. Think of them like connections between computers, where each endpoints accepts a specific format (like a number of kilometers driven by car) and outputs a specific number (like kilos of CO2e for a car journey). See also:

What is our motivation?

The climate crisis is here, and changing individual consumption patterns in affluent countries is the missing piece in creating the sustainable future. Sustainability communication is often fragmented. We need a narrative of collective success and progress towards our climate goals to create will to and belief in change. Tracking individual footprint, along with the collective footprint as showcased by Ducky Footprints, is an effective way of creating this narrative.

As awareness around sustainability and climate change grows, there is a rapidly growing demand for reliable and easily accessible information on these topics. Consumers expect to be presented with sustainable options. From a business perspective, this means that sustainability is rapidly becoming a requirement to all companies. Companies are figuring out how they can go green, and helping customers reduce their footprint by documenting the impact of sustainable choices is the most impactful way they can do so.