What is a Ducky Challenge?

In this article you will get a short introduction of what a Ducky Challenge is.

Organizations (workplaces, schools, etc.) use Ducky to get participants involved in ambitious climate challenges . They will learn new habits in their everyday life and help the organization reduce their CO2 emissions. Your involvement as a project leader is extremely valuable!  

Ducky Challenge

What is the purpose?

The purpose of a Ducky Challenge is to increase awareness around climate action and environmental issues that aims to show our impact both as individuals and as a team.

How does it work?

Organizations run time-limited challenges on Ducky's web platform. A Ducky Challenge  focuses on one theme, such as CO2. A Ducky Challenge could consist of the one or several modules below:

For more information about these modules, please click on one of the links above. Your organization will access data from the challenge in anonymized form. Data is collected for research and planning of climate measures in the organization.



Any questions?

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