How does the Ducky Challenge survey work?

In this article you will learn what a Ducky Challenge survey is and how it works.

What is the purpose?

The Ducky Challenge survey is a series of personal questions to measure change in behavior in an organization. The survey is often the first step in a Ducky Challenge, to establish a baseline within a specific topic (such as transport or food). Responses are anonymized and made available to the organization. 


How does it work?

  • After registering a profile and joining the Ducky Challenge the participants will be presented with a set of predefined questions related to the challenge topic you have chosen. It is possible for the organization to deactivate some of the questions before the challenge is set up.
  • The questions deal with personal climate footprint, attitudes, knowledge level and behavior, before the organization starts taking measures.
  • Once the participants have submitted their answers, they will be presented with a personal climate footprint and tips within the topic.
  • You can also invite the participants to take the survey a second or third time to measure the difference between the start and the end of a challenge.


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