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Translate climate footprint in kg CO2e to driving distance between two destinations


Kilos of CO2-equivalents that you wish to translate.


A journey travelled by car that would emit the same amount of CO2e that you wish to translate:

  • Translation
    • The actual distance for this car trip (in km)
    • Trip start destination(name of the city)
    • Trip end destination (name of the city)
    • Unit for the actual distance (km)
    • Type of vehicle this translation is valid for (gasoline car)
  • Unit for the given distance (km)
  • The distance travelled by car which would emit the amount of CO2e submitted


The calculation incorporates the complete life cycle of the car journey, encompassing emissions from car production, extraction of oil for fuel, infrastructure and end-of-life. Consequently, the resulting figures are higher (and the corresponding distance shorter) compared to a case where  only direct emissions were considered, which refers to emissions directly released from the exhaust pipe. 

We convert the given quantity of CO2e into kilometres travelled, using the average emissions per passenger-kilometre for a typical gasoline car. The emission factor used is explained in detail under sources and calculations of the convert-transport section. The kilometres travelled serves as a reference to identify two cities with a similar distance between them.