What browsers are supported by Ducky Challenge?

In this article you will get to know what the supported browsers are with Ducky Challenge.

We try to support as many browsers as possible while still being able to use modern web technologies to provide the best experience to our users. This means that we support any up-to-date browser for any operating system.


Google Chrome (Windows / Mac / Linux)

You will get the best Ducky Challenge experience when using the Google Chrome web browser.

 If you're facing issues with Ducky Challenge because your Google Chrome isn't updated, here's a guide to how you can update your Google Chrome. We recommend having the latest version to make sure you're protected by the latest security updates.

Firefox (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Firefox is an excellent alternative to Google Chrome that also supports modern web standards.

Safari (Mac)

Safari is both supported on mobile and desktop.

Edge (Windows)

Edge is the native browser in Windows 10, and we recommend that Windows users use this rather than Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer (Windows)

Partial support only!

While the Ducky Challenge should work on Internet Explorer 11 (older versions are not supported at all), the browser is outdated and is replaced by the much better Edge browser on Windows. We highly suggest, along with Microsoft themselves, that you use Edge while browsing the internet for a faster, better and more secure experience.


Detailed list of browsers and versions

If you are wondering if your version of a specific browser is supported, check the list below for an extensive list that is continuously updated. If you experience problems with a supported browser, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it as quickly as possible.

Android Chrome 84
Android Firefox 79
Android UC 12.12
Chrome 85
Chrome 84
Chrome 83
Chrome 81
Chrome 80
Chrome 49
Edge 84
Edge 18
Firefox 80
Firefox 79
Internet Explorer 11
iOS Safari 13.4-13.5
iOS Safari 13.3
iOS Safari 13.2
iOS Safari 13.0-13.1
iOS Safari 12.2-12.4
iOS Safari 12.0-12.1
iOS Safari 11.3-11.4
iOS Safari 10.3
Opera mini
Opera 70
Opera 69
Safari 13.1
Safari 13
Samsung 12.0
Samsung 11.1-11.2


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