Why is my invitation code not working?

In this article you will get to know what to do if the invitation code for a Ducky Challenge is not working.

If you see this message when trying to put in your invitation code to enter a Ducky Challenge, it means that your code is not working. Please make sure that your project leader in the challenge has sent you the right code. If the code is still not working, the reason could be one of the following:


  • You're trying to access a private challenge for a company, school or organization that you're not a part of.
  • The challenge has ended. You have to join the challenge before the end date in order to get access.
  • Does your code you're trying to enter consists of 5 digits? Please note that codes only consist of 6 digits. A 5-digit code may occur if the code starts with "0" and has been added to an Excel file before it has been sent to you. Therefore please try to add a "0" at the start of your code to see if it helps.


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