How to use the Ducky Admin Panel?

Here you will find more information on how to use the Ducky Admin Panel.

To know more about the different features of the Ducky Admin Panel and how to use it within your organisation as part of a Ducky Challenge, please watch the video below.

As an admin, you can access the Ducky Admin Panel and get an overview of the Ducky Challenges your organisation is part of by using the following link:

However, you must use the link shared in a welcome email by the organisers of the competition to be able to join a specific Ducky Challenge and set up your teams.



NB! When logging back to the Ducky Admin Panel, you must use the same login method as the first time you registered an account (eg ''email address + password'' or ''google'').

For ease of use in the future, we recommend that you do not log out of the Ducky Admin Panel until the competition has ended.



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