Calculate endpoint overview

Ducky’s Calculate endpoints determine a user’s personal footprint in a given category based on personal habits and other data.

Calculate endpoints are used to estimate a user’s personal footprint based on their habits, in a quiz or survey-like interface on some website or app. Head over here to read more and test our demo footprint calculator.

It works in such a way that after entering the most basic household data, all other data are estimated based on the average values for a household in your region. This means that for an average household, the calculator can give you a reasonable indication of your climate footprint with little input (though naturally the result will always improve as more input is given). This also means you can immediately calculate how much a change in your lifestyle will reduce your climate footprint, and can make plans for a more sustainable future.

The Calculate endpoint estimates personal climate footprint. But wait, didn’t we just say we use household data? This is true, but because we want to show the effect of an individual’s actions, we divide emissions related to the entire household (like heating) between you and the rest of your household. All other emissions are based on your personal habits, which you can enter into the calculator.

We’re working on integrating household footprint into the calculator, but in the meantime there are a couple of ways to get your entire household’s footprint. Each member of the household can input data on their own, or you can get your own precise footprint and then take average values for the rest of your household.

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