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Calculations and data sources for goods and services

Learn more about the algorithm we use to calculate footprints in the category goods and services, which data sources are used and which we plan for the future.

Calculations for goods and services

In the category goods and services, we find climate emissions from all consumption that are not related to food, electricity and transport. We calculate the average consumption of a household based on income. Statistically, most people save very little, so we have a preliminary assumption that all income will be used within a year. 

Tax is deducted from the gross income based on general tax tables, and the remaining income is distributed according to consumption patterns from the Consumption Survey from Statistics Norway. We have defined 46 different categories for goods and services with associated CO2 intensities. Relative consumption in different categories varies with household composition.

We are currently working on improving the model for calculating footprints for long-term investments such as housing.

Data sources for goods and services

Income is the main driver of the footprint of goods and services, and we collect income statistics from Tietoevry's Credit Information Database. The data has a very high resolution (we can extract income per household type) for municipalities that have signed a data processor agreement.

Unfortunately, Statistics Norway's consumption survey is only updated every 10 years, and consumption patterns vary much more than what these statistics indicate. In order to obtain better consumption statistics for goods and services, we are now collaborating with the SpareBank 1 alliance, and will eventually receive aggregated consumption data that we can use to improve the calculation.

As a municipality, you can contribute to increased accuracy by recruiting banks in your region to contribute to the project.

A complete overview of our data sources can be found here.