Value Proposition for Data Partners

See why you should become a Ducky Data Partner, enhancing Ducky Footprints with aggregated transactional data and helping your local community initiate meaningful climate action.

Banks, grocery and food chains, energy companies, transport organizations/companies and other private firms own or manage transaction data which, if shared, can dramatically enhance local climate planning and low carbon initiatives. Digital data sharing and storage solutions, like those offered by Ducky in partnership with Tietoevry, enables businesses to contribute valuable data in a fully secure and compliant manner. 

With this peace of mind, businesses and local leaders can focus on what is most critical: measuring and making progress towards low carbon neighborhoods. 

Why is aggregated data from private sources so important? Private data sources, for example  consumption patterns and purchasing history, are often of higher quality and resolution than data available from public registers. When integrated into climate tools, such as Ducky Footprints and Ducky Insights, the enriched data provides local governments and business partners with:

  • Insights on differences in local consumption patterns at a neighborhood level,
  • Updated or even real-time values and trends on the local average carbon footprint, 
  • Opportunities to better target and evaluate the impacts of carbon-reduction initiatives.

Sharing data with Ducky unleashes business value including:

  • A stronger basis for public-private partnerships, focused on low-carbon offerings,
  • Identify where lower or higher carbon neighborhoods are, to inform targeting of  communication/marketing campaigns,
  • Greater brand awareness, customer loyalty, and ability to attract environmentally-focused customers.

Contact us today and get started as a Data Partner! Ducky is open to promoting data partners, and companies can also sign up to receive feedback, data, and reports.