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Translate climate footprint in kg CO2e to flying distance between two destinations


Kilos of CO2-equivalents that you wish to translate.


A specific plane trip that would emit the same amount of CO2e that you wish to translate:

  • Translation
    • The actual distance for this plane journey
    • Trip starting destination(name of the city)
    • Trip end destination (name of the city)
    • Type of flight (local, continental, global)
    • Unit for the actual distance (km)
  • Unit for the given distance (km)
  • The distance needed to fly by plane to emit the amount of CO2e submitted


For flights, we convert the given amount of kg CO2e to distance travelled. This conversion incorporates the complete lifecycle of the plane journey (cradle-to-grave) and is based on average emissions per passenger-kilometre for a typical aircraft. The emission factor varies slightly depending on the distance travelled, as aircrafts consume more fuel during takeoff and landing, resulting in higher CO2e emissions per kilometre for shorter flights. It is important to note that the calculation is specific to one passenger travelling in the economy class . The emission factor used is explained in detail under sources and calculations of the convert-transport section. 

After converting the CO2e emissions to distance travelled, we find an airplane route between two cities that is approximately the same distance as the calculated number and present it to you.