How can we create engagement among the participants?

In this article you will find tips for creating engagement among your participants.

Most of the job is done when the participants have the knowledge and resources they need for participation, but here are some tips that can contribute to further improve engagement:  

Tip 1: Lead by example

Participate and share your experiences with others. Like Gandhi said:  “Be the change you want to see in the world!”  It's recommended to follow up on teams and see if there is something you can do to boost their engagement throughout the challenge. Are there any stories that can be shared through social media, newsletters and so on? If so inspire participants to share their story!  

Tip 2: Events, Incentives, and Ideas

Below are some additional ideas for getting the most out of the Ducky Challenge:
  • Reflect on how to create a more inclusive and generous culture on a long-term basis.
  • Keep teams engaged following the challenge and empower them to generate ideas and follow up on initiatives.
  • Organize events with a social or environmental focus such as common lunches, team building activities and similar.

Tip 3: Extended Learning

Encourage participants to find their personal footprint and explore new sustainable opportunities:
  • Calculate your footprint in the Climate Calculator. Reflect upon the emissions from different categories, and see the effect of changing a habit in one category.
  • Who is responsible for global emissions and what can we do as individuals to create change?
  • Can your organization assist individuals in reducing their personal footprint in any categories?
You can find additional learning from these short movies:

Tip 4: Feedback

After the challenge has ended, it should be evaluated. Was it a success? Why? What can be done better next time? Can this scale to the entire organization and become part of a long-term strategy? Images, quotes and short movie clips are all great material to evaluate this. The Ducky Team also appreciates this if you want to share it with us! Want to know how you can use Social Media to boost engagement?



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