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System architecture for Ducky's footprint services

Learn more about the system architecture and data flow between Ducky's partners and services: Ducky Challenge, Ducky Insights and Ducky Footprints

Click "see the board" for an illustrastion of Ducky's system architecture.

High level system architecture

Some key elements of Ducky's infrastructure run on Tietoevry servers. Tietoevry, as a key partner, also provides secure Data Vaults for sensitive customer data.

Data flow in different parts of the system

Ducky Challenge

Ducky Challenge develops and maintains the Challenge competition app along with supportive tools. Footprint calculations in this app are currently performed in the app frontend. Statistical competition data is stored on Ducky's servers.

Ducky in the process of transitioning to using Ducky Insights APIs for internal purposes and through this get access to new functionality as well as continuously updated footprint numbers from Ducky Footprints.

Ducky Insights

Ducky Insights develops and maintains a bottom-up climate calculator along with supportive tools, which outputs, among other things, the climate footprint of an individual. Ducky Insights is responsible for CO₂e-multipliers and how they are used in our footprint calculations.

Tietoevry provides Ducky with a secure Azure environment, on which all Ducky Insights API core services and databases are running. As of today, customers perform pure API calls and data is not stored permanently by Ducky (only temporarily to be deleted after de-identification).

Ducky Insights' footprint calculations use the newest region-specific averages from Ducky Footprints, along with its own database of CO₂e-multipliers (kg CO₂e per unit per category). These multipliers are also provided as a service to Ducky Footprints.

Data partners

Data from customers or partners can, if needed, be stored in a dedicated Data Vault (Azure environment) where access is fully controlled by the customer. Get started as a Data Partner now! See also Data Partner - frequently asked questions.

Ducky Footprints

Ducky Footprints develops and maintains the Public Calculator along with supportive tools, which outputs, among other things, the footprint averages of a region. Ducky Footprints is responsible for the top-down calculations of economic patterns within the national economy.

Ducky Footprints receives cleaned and enriched versions of statistical data from partners and public registries through Tietoevry. Data partners can also access their own enriched data to be used for other purposes.

The next stages of the data pipeline includes the simulation of neighborhoods and subsequent calculations of the neighborhoods' footprints. Numbers are then aggregated to a municipality, county and national level, then the resulting data is checked for errors, uploaded to the map and made available for Ducky Insights. See also frequently asked questions about Ducky Footprints.

Joint services in Ducky

App infrastructure, access management, authentication services, design system tools, analytics tools etc. are not all covered in the system architecture sketch. Systems that do not handle sensitive data have been omitted.