How do the Ducky Challenge widgets work?

In this article you will learn what Ducky Challenge widgets are and how they work.

Embeddable Widgets

What is the purpose?

An embeddable widget is an iFrame integration that can be added to an organization's web site. These can be used to visualize the results of a challenge, monitor progress of a challenge, or to experiment with a climate calculator without being part of a challenge. The widgets use live data from challenges to showcase data in real time.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame is a piece of HTML code used in web page design, which allows you to view a different web page within another web page.

Widget for challenges

Visualizes the organization's CO2e savings from the challenge, in real time. Explore the rankings and savings of different teams and be inspired by the most popular activities.

Widget for championships

The championship widget shows each challenge's total saved in the championship. It is possible to filter the visulaization to show challenges within specific organizations, or series. The widget allows organisations and challenges to compare their savings to other organisations and challenges within a championship.



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