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Ducky Footprints intro

See how Ducky Footprint works and what functionality can be found in our development pipeline

Ducky Footprints is an analytical software tool that integrates public and private data to map out a snapshot of consumption-based emissions broken down into relevant subcategories, allowing decision-makers within the public sector to implement targeted policies and reduce the carbon footprint of their citizens.

Access to the map is open to all but the level of data quality changes as a paying customer who will get better quality data that is good enough to include in climate plans/budgeting.

Current Product Features 

  • Footprint Map
    • Visualisation of  consumption-based data on national-, county-, municipality- and neighbourhood-level data.
  • Dashboard
    • Log-in functionality allowing multiple users under same municipality
    • Statistics:  yearly footprint, population, average citizen’s footprint, data quality, ranking of the municipality within county and Norway
    • Footprint Report: explanation of the sub categories of the consumption-based data (food,  energy, goods & services,  transport)

Upcoming Product Features

  • Footprint Scenario Modeling
    • Functionality to help users build scenarios by adjusting key footprint indicators, which can be used to understand how the footprint can be reduced for a particular category
    • For the moment we have the transport category ready

Additional services for paid customers

  • Resource Page (under construction but material is available)
  • Ducky Monthly Partner Meetings

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