Value Proposition for Distribution Partners

See what value you get from becoming a Ducky Distribution Partner

Ducky Distribution Partners are commonly Environmental NGOs, Environmental Consultancies and Environmental Experts located in different countries. Their goal is to study, consult, advise and improve societal behavior on the environment. A Ducky Partnership provides them with an entire suite of cutting edge tools which they can use to help companies and schools educate, communicate, calculate and take action on individual CO2 emissions.  

The tools provided by a Ducky Partnership are Ducky Challenge, which is a gamified engagement platform designed to  educate participants on the reduction of  CO2 emissions, and Ducky Insights which is a data-streamed CO2 emission calculation service that can be used to provide information to customers or better company decision making.

These tools are strategically designed, each in their own way, to help the partner improve their consultation efforts and  create value for his customer by helping them  increase their brand equity, educate their employees, strengthen their partner relationships and reduce CO2 emissions in a data-driven way. 

A Ducky partnership also provides partners with an additional business model which they can use to generate additional income for their organizations. Through different business models partners can decide on the approach that better suits their firms.